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Through our latest models, discover our world where timeless design meets innovative comfort. Explore our diverse range, meticulously designed to cater to every aesthetic and need.


The Ava armchair has a friendly shape that was inspired by the calming sensation one experiences from picking up a pebble at the beach. It features soft, rounded organic lines and a well-padded frame that provides a sense of comfort and relaxation. The armchair also has a swivelling base, making it versatile and suitable for various uses and functions. Even smaller spaces can accommodate this armchair comfortably.

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The Brera sofa is a unique piece of furniture designed for comfortable reclining rather than just sitting. It has a low and deep seating design with a curved end that adds to its bold appearance, making it an oversized and friendly sofa. The designers aimed to create an authentic lounge experience while offering everyday practicality by providing two optional back cushions. You can choose the regular cushion for a relaxed and carefree look or the back cushion with a click function that provides a more defined and controlled seating arrangement.

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Are you looking for a sofa that fits your style and needs perfectly? Look no further than our Catena lounge model! With Dusk back cushions and loose seat cushions, this sofa offers a classical, relaxed look. You’ll love Catena’s slightly deeper seating comfort and extra support from the back support cushions, which will keep you comfortable and relaxed regardless of your height. Catena also features curved end modules and additional spaces for trays, storage boxes, or extra cushions. These options allow you to get creative and design your sofa in a way that is unique to you. Plus, all the modules come fully upholstered, so you can place them anywhere to create your perfect combination.

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Our modular sofa, Gambit, features an exciting three-dimensional surface pattern that defines its contemporary design. We have designed the sofa to allow for various creative possibilities, offering it in numerous fully upholstered modules that can be placed together in a traditional arrangement or as lounge islands. The surfaces of Gambit are designed to be smooth and alluring, encouraging tactile interaction. We have maximized comfort by incorporating ample padding into the straight back and by including back cushions that expand the sofa’s functionality for both sitting and reclining.

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Isola is a collection of building blocks that are designed to create an ambience or define a room’s function rather than a traditional seating area. The blocks are organically shaped and can be used creatively to leave traditions behind. The flexible back parts come in two widths and can be placed freely on the top surface of the Isola to create a daybed, sofa, wide seat or chaise lounge, depending on your desired function.

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Arrondi bed

Introducing Arrondi – a bedframe that seamlessly blends nature’s organic shapes with modern design. We believe that a good night’s sleep and a healthy life go hand in hand, and that’s why we’ve designed Arrondi with a gently curving headboard that adds a sense of calm and creates a friendly and embracing sleeping area. With a richly padded frame and meticulous sewing details, Arrondi offers both tactile comfort and aesthetic appeal.

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For us, Jive is what defines a classical sofa. It has a deeper seat and stands on low legs, while the Dusk cushions give it a cosy and relaxed lounge look, making it feel light and airy. But what really sets Jive apart are the thoughtful details that make it so well-designed. With a fully padded soft back and extra back support cushions, you can be sure you’ll be sitting comfortably, no matter how tall you are!

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The swiveling Sonora armchair is a comfortable and stylish piece of furniture that comes with a high-back and an optional rocking function. It is well-padded and has rounded shapes, making it look inviting and friendly. Choose from our wide range of premium-quality fabrics and let your Sonora reflect your unique taste and personality.

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