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Virtual Tours

Take a tour in our virtual showrooms

Virtual Tours

Furninova knows there is a special kind of inspiration that happens in meetings between people. That is why we believe it so important to keep that feeling and collaboration alive, by making it possible to have meetings and exchange ideas both virtually and in a physical setting. Although there are still some challenges in traveling, and physical meetings may not be possible everywhere – we still want to meet you. That is why we are also creating 3D versions of our showrooms, fairs, and selected stores – to let you experience our models and carefully selected color settings, almost like you were there.

Showroom 2023

Find inspiration in our stunning showroom at our HQ in Bjärnum, where we showcase our news for 2023.

Skeidar Oslo, Norway

In one of Norway’s most popular Skeidar stores, we created a calm space for visitors to get inspired.

Showroom 2022

Check out the news for 2022 in our inspiring showroom at our headquarter in Bjärnum.

Showroom 2021

Take a look in our Showroom from our head office in Bjärnum.